4. Discussion of German Field Propulsion Saucers 1

Some explanation has been attempted regarding the Schauberger models and the KM-2 rocket. From this point on, the discussion of German field propulsion saucers will move away from the areas

centering around observed evidence and into areas of interpretation. Some of the German flying craft described are flying saucers in the classic sense. The F.B.I. report describes something which moves by non-aerodynamic means and which remains the source of speculation.

At this point, mention should be made of the ideas of some prominent writers in this field. The first of these is Mr. William Lyne of Lamy, New Mexico. Mr. Lyne has written two books concerning German saucers and field propulsion, Pentagon Aliens and Occult Ether Physics. His ideas on the mechanisms of field propulsion remain the best thought out and the most detailed on the subject.

Mr. Lyne lives near the secret weapons testing facilities of Los Alamos and White Sands. These were the places where German weaponry was brought for testing after the war and where the United States tested its first atomic bomb. It is still an area Of secret military research and secret military projects. Then as now, aspects of atomic energy figure in this setting. It is also an area which attracted much flying saucer activity in the late 1940s and 1950s. Mr. Lyne was a child during this period of time and personally witnessed flying saucers as did his family and friends. Later, as an adult, he went about trying to explain mechanisms for the type of flight he had witnessed.

Lyne worked within certain parameters. He rejected the alien hypothesis outright. He realized that flying saucers had to have been made by humans. Since he observed the saucers in the 1940s and 1950s, he knew that any explanation of their workings must be limited to the technology present in the 1940s or earlier. He connected UFO technology to other recently imported technology from Germany while believing both had their origins with Nikola Tesla (5).

Further, there is no mention of intangibles by Mr. Lyne. There are no unknown energies or mystical forces at work. Mr. Lyne stands with both feet on the ground. Things are concrete. Machinery is diagrammed. Matter and energy function as they always have. In reading Mr. Lyne's work one can almost smell the machine oil and the ozone.

Mr. Lyne builds upon the work of Nikola Tesla who developed his unique ideas over many years of experimentation and invention.This basis built upon real world experimentation, testing and application separates Tesla's ether theory ideas from those which will be explored later. Mr. Lyne presents us with an ether theory in which ether is super-fine matter which exists everywhere. It is so fine that it will go through the holes left in ordinary matter (6).

A few words about Mr. Lyne's ideas are necessary to set a context for this discussion. Just as an internal combustion engine can be described as a "heat pump" so can the flying saucer drive of Mr. Lyne be described as an "ether pump". Ether (very fine matter) is attracted to the saucer via an electric field, then pumped through the saucer and out again using the principle of magneto-hydro-dynamic pumping (7). This magneto-hydro-dynamic pumping is related to the Hall Effect. Edwin Hall placed a gold leaf strip in which an electric current was flowing into a gap in a magnetic field. An electromotive force was produced at right angles to the magnetic field and the electric current. This electromotive force was proportional to the product of the electric current and the magnetic field (8).

According to experimentation by Tesla, ether is made rigid with high voltage, high frequency electrical energy (9). The convex shape of the upper half of the saucer projects the electrical attractive force, generated by a specific electronic component,in an ever expanding arch over the saucer. Ether is made rigid and anchors the saucer. This is possible since the total mass ofthe ether caught in the electric field is far greater than the mass of the saucer. Near the surface of the saucer, the "rigified" ether is pulled into the saucer in what Mr. Lyne calls "tubes of force". These tubes of force would be pulled right through the opposite side of the saucer and out if it were not for the blocking force of a second apparatus which nullifies the tubes of force and prevents this from happening. This imbalance is the reason the saucer is able to move (10).

The electrical components necessary for this to take place are,according to Mr. Lyne, a Tesla turbine to supply electrical power and two types of Tesla pancake coils (11).

The Tesla turbine is a wheel-like device which is described in Mr. Lyne's book (12) and elsewhere (13). Mr. Lyne orients this turbine vertically in his drawings but oriented with its flat spinning surface horizontally, this might, perhaps, account for the spinning disc witnessed on some saucers.

The Tesla pancake coils are also described in both sources cited.Mr. Lyne goes further and gives instructions as to their manufacture. One type of pancake coil insures forth a negative discharge of DC energy, tuned to a one-fourth wave length, and is oriented in the desired direction of flight (14). The other type of pancake coil is mounted exactly opposite the first and emits a positive AC discharge which is used to dissolve the ether flow or tubes of force.

Dr. Gordon Freeman, a Fucannelli-like scientist who knows about such matters, has been curious about the abbreviated wave-cycle of the first pancake coil. His position is that one must not only understand conventional scientific theory in order to understand the way a field propulsion saucer flies but one must also understand some concepts which are sometimes labeled "occult". Dr. Freeman has worked out a "common denominator" for some field propulsion vehicles the essence of which he has shared(15). Dr. Freeman's ability to analyze, explain and interrelate physics, engineering and "occult" geometry is only matched by his ability to explain it all on a level we can all understand.

Tesla, Vril And Coler Devices

Top Left: Pancake Tesla coil with the secondary coil insidethe primary. Top Right: The smaller of the Hans Colerfree-energy machines. Bottom: Cut away showing Vril power plant. Was this related to the Schappeller device?

Some individuals see hidden, esoteric or occult knowledge as the inspiration for the breakthroughs the Germans made in field propulsion flying vehicles. Usually coupled with an exotic-theory of UFO origin, it is an equally exotic local from which this exotic theory is said to have originated. We have been presented with this line of reasoning for years in the "UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin" theory. Indeed, some writers see an extraterrestrial origin for German UFOs also as we shall see. But just stating that UFOs are of occult or alien origin is not an explanation in itself. It still begs the question of how they operate. Their method of operation, their technology, must be explained regardless of where they came from in order for the explanation to be a satisfying one.

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Returning to earth, another theory is that the German scientists were influenced by some ideas originating in Asia. Tibet and India are the suspects in question. UFOs have been reported over Mongolia, Tibet and India for centuries. The ancient Indian seven claimed to have constructed aircraft which resemble flying saucers. These saucers are called Vimanas. Ancient Indian texts in Sanskrit speak of the flight and manufacture of these saucers.The German "Ahnenerbe", an organization whose purpose is associated with researching Germanic ancestry, sent out expeditions to the East with the express purpose of acquiring ancient, hidden knowledge. This is precisely what Heinrich Haarer was doing, whose book served as the basis for the film"Seven Years in Tibet". This link between flying saucers of the East and the West is suspected as an influence on German field propulsion vehicles (16). The exact connection, though, has never been demonstrated.

A connection which is more certain involves Viktor Schauberger's use of Pythagorean geometry. There is no doubt that Schauberger incorporated this mathematics into his work but what is intriguing is what is said about this body of mathematical knowledge. The story goes that it was the Knights Templar who stumbled upon this knowledge in the Holy Land during the Crusades and it was they who kept and incorporated this knowledge through the use of "sacred geometry".

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